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Creating Content for
Social and Economical Liberation!

Get This Wisdom Magazine™ is a one of a kind platform in publication since 2016. Black Empowerment, black liberation, and black education is our mission. Sincerely hoping that we enlighten, elevate and stimulate the minds of those that cross our paths, allow healing into our community, and bridge Social gaps between us all.

By creating content that is relevant, relatable, cutting edge, and informative. We're elevating the minds of our brothers, sisters, and children. Get This Wisdom Magazine™ is a vessel of illumination and truth, giving the best of ourselves in hope that you will grow on this journey with and through us.

We are grateful to those who lost their lives and paved the way, so that we would be able to live our truths and fight for freedom, justice, love, truth, and peace.  We would be remised if we did not pay homage to the great mother, our ancestors, our freedom fighters and liberators. It is through you that we stand on our platform in truth and in honor. We are here with you. We acknowledge you, and we will be better each day because of you!

Peace be upon your individual and collective soul journeys in the times to come. Black Empowerment all day, everyday.

Peace Family! Now GET THIS WISDOM™